Why Your IT Managers Must Evolve


As management in the IT industry continues to mature, technology managers also need to evolve. Take a look at Agile and DevOps for notable examples of this evolution. An increasingly competitive business landscape places the onus on tech organizations to work more smartly and more efficiently. Recent innovations like iterative development and continuous deployment require IT managers to focus on inspiring collaboration among their team.

Let’s look more closely at a few innovative Project Management practices making a difference in the modern technology workplace. Put these insights to work at your organization.

Leveraging a Hybrid of Methodologies

The days of a software development organization using a singular methodology have passed. Instead, companies use a mixture to ensure projects are completed in a timely fashion. Robert Kelly, managing director of Kelly Project Solutions discussed this evolution.

“PMs must tailor their approach and use a combination of Lean Six Sigma, ITIL and some flavor of Agile or Waterfall to ensure that deliverables are met and conform to the organization’s operational and business requirements,” said Kelly.

Flexible Short-Term Planning

One of the enhancements ushered in by Agile was the smaller software development cycle. Today’s managers need to focus on short-term planning instead of those massive Gantt charts from another era. This allows teams to stay nimble and quickly react to changing requirements without adversely impacting delivery dates.

Creating Value as a Managing Consultant

Project managers must work closely with clients and business stakeholders to offer insights as valued consultants, instead of only policing the nuts and bolts of the project plan. Understanding the needs of the business while being able to communicate as a marketer is vital. A PM cannot merely rely on technical jargon in the DevOps era.

Inspiring and Motivating Developers

The ideal modern software developer is knowledgeable in code writing and understands the larger business picture. Managers must know how to inspire and lead in this area instead of merely pushing their team to meet rigid deadlines. Joseph Launi, President of Project Management Experts noted this new role for the PM.

“In order to be effective, they need to put the right people in the right jobs and give them the resources, support and mentorship to advance their careers and succeed,” said Launi.

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Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.


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