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Maintaining a successful technology career means your learning never stops. A constantly evolving profession requires IT workers to stay abreast of the latest innovations, skills, and methodologies. Doing so makes you more attractive to the top companies in the field, and you can expect a higher salary as a result.

With a goal of keeping your professional life on an upward trajectory, here are ten technology skills expected to show robust salary growth in 2017. Good luck in your efforts!


A management tool geared towards Big Data systems, professionals with Spark experience are in demand in the industry. Expect an average salary of $113,214 per year – an increase in value of 85 percent.

Microsoft Azure

Cloud-based services are everywhere in the business world, and Microsoft’s Azure is one of the most popular platforms. Tech workers with Azure experience enjoy an average yearly salary of $110,707.

General Cloud Experience

Tech professionals with general Cloud-based experience command an average yearly salary of $112,972. This is a value increase of 35 percent over the previous year.


With Agile as one of the most popular software development methodologies, JIRA sees wide use as a productivity tracking and management tool. As such, IT pros boasting experience with this tool can expect an average salary of $111,103.

Cyber Security Engineers

The growth of eCommerce and the Internet of Things has raised the stakes when it comes to tech security. Experienced IT security engineers enjoy an average yearly salary of $107,479.


One of the most popular NoSQL databases, Cassandra is used by many organizations as their Big Data store of choice. Database professionals experienced with Cassandra can expect a yearly salary averaging $147,811.

Salesforce Professional

Still one of the most popular CRM systems for businesses of all sizes, the average yearly salary for Salesforce professionals comes in at $107,810.

Network Administrator

Network administrators remain in demand all over the technology world. Those working in this area enjoy an average salary of $87,897 per year.

Electrical Engineer

Electronic devices are widely used in the business world and at home. Because of this continued demand, electrical engineers command a yearly salary of $109,507 on average.

Big Data

The growth of social networking and other factors have led to businesses struggling to make sense out of massive amounts of information. Tech pros with Big Data experience enjoy an average salary of $121,328 per year.

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Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.


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