How to Nail Your Interview when You’re an Introvert


An introverted personality needn’t hamper your chances at a great position in the technology industry. Sure, a well-crafted resume, personalized cover letter, and solid job search plan helps get you in the door, but the interview still plays the most important role in earning you that coveted offer. Performing well during a job interview isn’t the exclusive domain of those with Type-A personalities.

With earning the IT job of your dreams in mind, here are a few tips on how to nail your tech job interview. Practice, persistence, and a positive attitude all put you on a pathway to success!

Schedule Your Interview Wisely

Work with the company to schedule your interview at a time where you feel the most comfortable. If you are a morning person, an early meeting works best. An afternoon slot is wise if you think better on your feet later in the day.

Anything you can do to keep your confidence at its highest is a smart idea!

Arrive Early to Calm Your Nerves

Make it a point to arrive at the interview location early to give yourself some time to collect your thoughts, go over your work history, and contemplate any questions to ask the interviewer when prompted. If you find the time for a quick meditation session, all the better as it lets you relax and focus. Getting at the site early also lessens the risk of bad traffic making you late.

Meaningful Questions Foster a Personal Conversation

As noted earlier, asking a well-considered question or two when appropriate is a great way to feel more comfortable and natural during an interview. This is especially helpful if the interviewer happens to be a fellow introvert. Starting a conversation related to the company’s future prospects or your role within their organization helps display a true interest in the open position.

Practice is Important

Be sure to spend some time practicing your interviewing skills. Work on speaking clearly and confidently, maintaining positive body language, and making natural eye contact. Even focusing on your “small talk” skills will benefit you when the big day arrives.

Ultimately, practicing also helps to build your confidence level which is a vital aspect in performing well during an interview – especially if you are an introvert. Now go out there and earn that job offer!

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Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.


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