IT Team Burn Out


Keeping employee fatigue from stifling the productivity of your IT team is the goal of all technology managers. An overworked staff also leads to a greater number of mistakes, a risk not worth taking in a competitive tech industry. Being able to detect burnout among your employees – before it hampers operations – needs to be a goal of your managerial team.

Here are a few insights and ideas on what signs of employee fatigue are worth your attention. Leverage these tips to ensure your team stays as productive as possible.

Exhaustion is a Sign of Burnout

Noticeable fatigue is an obvious sign of burnout in your employees. This could be due to crunch time on a project at work or perhaps something in the employee’s personal life. Meet with them to determine the cause of the problem, and encourage them to take a personal day to rest up if necessary.

HR expert, Jennifer Fuicelli, commented on the need to detect these signs early. “As long as it doesn’t become a problem, we chalk it up to life happenings — until that tiredness becomes a pattern of exhaustion. This, combined with lack of motivation and negative attitude at work, can be signs of burnout,” said Fuicelli.

Additionally, be sure to take note of employees who lash out or otherwise display signs of being frustrated. Burnout may be the ultimate cause.

Using Goals to Monitor Employee Motivation

Progress towards achieving short-term goals – either project-related or employee-specific – serves as a useful metric for detecting a lack of motivation. Pay attention to any team members who show a sudden drop in their productivity. This may be a sign of burnout requiring a conversation to determine the root of the problem.

Steps to Avoid Employee Burnout

Thankfully, a variety of ways exist to prevent burnout in the IT industry. Leverage effective planning techniques to avoid crunch time at the end of a project. Offer employment wellness programs that focus on a good diet, regular exercise and meditation, as all three help lower stress levels. Rotate project teams so everyone gets the opportunity to work on different tasks; avoiding the repetition that leads to burnout.

In short, being proactive about recognizing and handling employee burnout ensures a technology team that stays focused and productive.

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Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.


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