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Social media continues to impact the recruiting process throughout the technology industry. Companies of all sizes use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other similar networks to source talent as well as research a candidate’s background. Organizations who forego this channel run the risk of missing out on a potential great employee, especially someone from the millennial generation.

Here are a few tips and insights on the right methodology for sourcing technology professionals on social media. Leverage these ideas to ensure your company hires the best IT employees possible.

Interaction with Potential Candidates is the Key

As opposed to treating social media only as a way to publicize your company to candidates, interacting with them online gives you better shot at eventually securing their services. Mark Willaman, founder of, commented on the wisest approach for technology firms looking to engage with IT pros.

“A lot of companies just show up on social and say ‘follow us,’ but don’t provide a reason why you’d want to. Some companies do a great job by offering useful information, but whatever they do, they have to give people a clear reason to follow them,” said Willaman.

Understand the Type of Employee you Want

Organizations need to determine the type of candidate who would thrive in their office culture, and then analyze the best ways to reach out to them through social media. Finding the right online communities – LinkedIn Groups, programmer forums, etc. – where tech pros hang out is also important. Ultimately, narrowing your reach to where it’s the most effective is wise.

The Smart Use of Hashtags

Hashtags offer a great way to reach a specific social media audience, especially on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Take the time to understand the proper technology hashtags to use, while making sure your posts actually relate to the hashtag in question. Don’t forget you are also able to search using hashtags to find potential candidates discussing a tech topic matching your company’s current need.

A Personal Approach to Social Media Works Best

Keep things personal during your company’s social media interactions with potential candidates. Using an automated tool, like Buffer or HootSuite, isn’t always the best approach when trying to attract a new employee. Being friendly and responsive ensures your relationship gets off to the right start.

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Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.


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