The Most-Wanted Tech Skills


Tech professionals have seen demand for their skills reach new heights thanks to generally low unemployment among workers who specialized in a technical field. However, not all skills are considered equal in the eyes of employers, especially as goals for IT departments shift to meet the new business landscape.

If you are looking to further your tech career or are interested in choosing a new area, having some of the most wanted tech skills of 2017 can help you get ahead. Here are a few to consider adding to your repertoire.


A staple in the web development arena, Javascript is still regarded as one of the most desirable skills a developer can possess. Its high level of versatility means that Javascript is still widely used. And, with many businesses having at least some level of web presence, being familiar with this language can be beneficial to one’s career. Additionally, since Javascript is considered one of the easiest programming languages to learn, it can also serve as a strong starting point for professionals looking to transition into the world of web development.


A popular programming language in the worlds of e-commerce as well as back-end operations, Java is often considered a requirement for a variety of software development or engineering positions. Not to be confused with Javascript, this in-demand language is especially prized since code written in Java can often be applied to multiple environments without notable changes. This ability makes Java highly efficient to use, and that’s a perk many companies can’t ignore.


With big data and web-based development both receiving notable attention in the business world, the demand for Python skills has seen a rise. Python is especially common in data science professions, making it highly lucrative in today’s marketplace, but also has a home in back-end web application development. This means professionals with experience in this language have two strong options for furthering their career.


Another programming language bolstered by big data is Matlab, thanks to its focus on applied mathematics. While the language has roots dating back over 30 years, Matlab actually fell out of favor before big data started making headlines. This means fewer professionals may be familiar with the skill and can be a great option for individuals looking to set themselves apart from their competition.


Considered a mainstay in many businesses, SQL remains popular due to the prevalence of relational databases for information gathering and data analytics. Since data is still king in almost every industry, professionals familiar with SQL are well-positioned to advance their careers in 2017.


Many organizations moved certain activities to the cloud as news about the cost savings and increased levels of efficiency reached every industry. Tech pros familiar with cloud-based operations in key areas like storage, computing, and application development may find employment opportunities in a wide range of industries.

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Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.


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