Take Risks When Hiring Top Tech Talent


As a hiring manager, you understand the importance of keeping up with trends, especially when unemployment is low, and competition for top talent is fierce. Companies are going to put out all of the stops to attract the best and brightest, and businesses that lag behind may find themselves missing out on the recruitment front.

To help you stay ahead of the curve, here are some of the hiring trends to keep on your radar as we begin 2018.

The Return of the Apprenticeship

While apprenticeships never full left, their appeal is growing, especially for hard to fill positions or companies fighting with skill gaps. The opportunities allow businesses to train and develop their ideal workforce while benefiting from having an employee on staff. And workers benefit too, gaining valuable skills that they can carry forward in their career while maintaining reliable employment.

Artificial Intelligence

Many organizations rely on applicant tracking systems to make hiring and recruiting more manageable. Now, AI is looking to make the processes even more efficient by automating many of the early parts of the hiring process.

AI systems can perform initial screening, removing the task from the hands of hiring managers and HR professionals. Not only is this a timesaver but, when used properly, can yield highly competitive results when compared to the old way of doing business.

Greater Focus on Company Brand

In this competitive marketplace, organizations are having to go the extra mile to attract candidates, including crafting a strong company brand. Having a solid image and reputation can make job seekers more interested in your opportunities, increasing the size of your candidate pool and making it easier for you to secure top talent.

Often, this involves creating an Employee Value Proposition that highlights the business’ selling points and why it should be considered an employer of choice. This serves as a foundation from drawing in top talent and showing everything the company has to offer potential employees.

Improved Candidate Experiences

With low unemployment, the ball is normally in the job seeker’s court. And, if your candidate experience is intolerable, they aren’t going to stick with it until the end. Companies are having to reevaluate their procedures to engage top talent, removing superfluous steps and improving communication throughout the process. And businesses that feel to keep pace will likely struggle to land the professionals they need to succeed.

Staying ahead of industry trends means your company will be better positioned when it comes to hiring during the upcoming year and beyond. If you are interested in streamlining your hiring process and keeping pace with future trends, the team at MindFinders can connect you with skilled candidates. Contact us today to see how our customizable staffing solutions can work for you.

Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.


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