Think Like an Executive


Whether you are a manager, an HR professional or a technology specialist, following the work habits of those in the executive suite benefits your career in the long run. These strategic tips matter and make a difference no matter your location on the organizational chart of your company. Ultimately, thinking like an executive helps put you on a solid and advancing career path to the top.

Here are a few insights on making – and keeping – career resolutions derived from senior-level professionals.

Be Proactive When It Comes to Your Career

The preeminent executives in any industry stay proactive with the longer-term aspects of their career. Be capable and ready to properly manage the daily issues and tasks in your current position. . While also making an effort to develop your professional network and continue your education in order to advance your career. Successfully managing both facets requires the foresight typical of an advancing executive.

Plan Your Career From Beginning to End

Having a well-defined career plan helps you be proactive throughout your professional life. It is important to first set goals followed by creating an action plan to help you achieve them. Remain teachable and allow others in the positon you desire to mentor you.  Seek out the right technical training and earn an advanced degree necessary for senior-level executive positions.

Synergy Helps Everyone Achieve More

Typically the best teams are comprised of a disparate set of employees with different skills and personalities. At the core of these teams, you will find a dynamic CEO who understands the power of synergy. Creating effective synergies between team members helps boost the productivity level of everyone involved. Look at the popularity of the Agile methodology and the DevOps organizational structure for a real-world example of what can be accomplished through synergy.

Incremental Steps Towards Achieving Your Goals

Busy executives understand a rewarding professional career wasn’t built in a day. They know that taking smaller steps towards achieving their goals is vital, considering all of the other requirements of their workday. Consistency, perseverance, patience, hard work and education need to be your goal. As the old adage goes, “Rome was not built in a day.”

These insights illustrate how following a path blazed by successful executives puts your career on the fast track to success.

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Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.


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