Which Talent Gaps Do You Need to Fill Immediately?


Any IT talent gap carries with it the risk of stifling your organization’s creativity, efficiency, and productivity. You need to stay aware of an ever changing industry where new skills and technologies seem to appear on a yearly basis. Keeping your team at the forefront of the tech world requires hiring the best candidates in addition to ensuring your current staff receives the training they need.

Here is a look at a few of the hottest technologies in the IT world in 2017. Use these insights when you are formulating your staffing strategies for this year and beyond.

Mobile Software Engineering

More users access the internet using their smartphones instead of a PC these days, creating intense demand for software engineers well-versed in mobile technology. “Mobile is continuing to grow and evolve. Many companies that were slow to adopt mobile are now actively building internal capabilities. It’s just how businesses will operate going forward. So that puts more of a strain on the talent pool, and demand for those resources has become quite cutthroat,” says Chris Huff, VP, mobile & consumer app development, The Weather Channel.

Cybersecurity Professionals

An increasingly distributed computing infrastructure and the growth of eCommerce and the Internet of Things places the onus on companies to ensure their technology assets are safe from hackers and other nefarious agents. As such, the need for IT professionals experienced in internet security is only getting larger. Expect to pay a premium for cybersecurity talent in the next few years.

Business Acumen Combined with Tech Smarts

Today’s competitive enterprise world requires tech pros who are also experts in business. Simply being a heads-down programmer isn’t enough any more. “IT needs to hire people with business acumen and design thinking coupled with individuals who can drive a high degree of automation leveraging orchestration, machine learning, and advanced analytics,” commented Chris Bedi, CIO, ServiceNow.

IT Professionals Experienced in Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures

As cloud computing continues to mature, many businesses now embrace a hybrid strategy, combining both on-premise and cloud-based architectures. Experienced network engineers comfortable with flexible hybrid cloud solutions are worth their weight in gold at the enterprise level. Keeping application downtime to an absolute minimum is a must!

Engage your technology staffing agency partner to ensure your organization enjoys a robust supply of technology professionals experienced in these high-demand areas.

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Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.


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