Why IT Pros Need to Have Lives Outside of Work


As unemployment levels among IT professionals continue to stay low, many working in the field are under significant pressure to do more with less. At times, this leads skilled workers to dedicate a larger portion of their lives to work and requiring a great sacrifice in regards to their personal time. But failing to cultivate a life outside of the workplace has serious drawbacks, making it a less than ideal choice for the long-term. To help you understand the risks, here are a few reasons why IT pros need to have lives outside of work.

Avoiding Burnout

If a person never fully disconnects for the office, burnout is almost inevitable. And, if that occurs, recovering from that state can be a long, if not impossible, journey. Taking some time for personal pursuits can alleviate some of the associated stress, allowing individuals to relax and recharge. While being completely disconnected from the office may not be possible depending on the precise duties involved, dedicating an hour here and there to your interests can make a huge difference.

Increasing Experiences

You can’t predict what action may inspire innovation. If you are solely focused on work, you are missing out on other opportunities to broaden your horizons, knowledge base, and experience in a way that can promote more creative thinking. Moments of brilliance aren’t relegated to the board room or office, as many people have epiphanies when doing tasks completely unrelated to their core profession. Your time doing other things can actually help you solve the workplace problem that has been racking your brain, so why not give it a chance.

Improved Motivation

Knowing there is something else waiting for you when the workday ends can actually help you push through challenging days in the office. Having an activity to look forward to can make difficult days worthwhile, motivating you to keep going even when times are tough. Essentially, it allows your life outside of the office function as a reward, giving you an incentive to stay on target and get everything handled. And, in the end, being rewarded after a hard day’s work is something most people desire, allowing it to have additional meaning beyond the activity itself.

Life’s More Interesting

Being chained to your desk and completely consumed by work doesn’t make for a fulfilling life in most cases. By not taking time away, you’re missing out on opportunities to connect with others and explore interesting topics or activities. Plus, by leading a richer life, you become a more interesting person too. Then, you have more to discuss then that last project or report, which can make you a delightful conversationalist and intriguing human being.

If you are feeling overworked at your current IT job and would like to explore new opportunities so you can reclaim your life outside of the office, the professionals at MindFinders are available to assist. Schedule some time to discuss your goals with one of our recruitment specialists and see if a new IT job can’t help you live the life for which you’ve always hoped.

Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.


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