An excellent résumé and a personalized cover letter earned you an interview with the hot technology company in your area. Congratulations are in order! Your work isn’t finished, however, as you need to take advantage of that interview to convince the hiring manager you are the perfect candidate for their open position.

With getting a coveted job offer in mind, here are a few ideas on how to show the interviewer why you deserve a job with their company. Good luck!

Research the Company in Question

Make sure to spend some time researching the company in question. In fact, you should have already leveraged your research when personalizing the cover letter included with your résumé. Having information about the company at the top of your head helps you ask meaningful questions when prompted during the interview.

Additionally, an understanding of the company’s culture allows you to tailor your answers to show how you make a great fit for their office environment.

Analyze Your Professional History and Skill Set

Go over your own résumé and make a mental list of your technical abilities. Also take the time to analyze your work history and remember a few key times when you made a tangible, positive impact for a previous employer. Reread the job listing for which you and interviewing, while matching your skills and achievements with those required for the open position.

Highlight this information when prompted during the interview. Companies want to know you’ll make a difference at their firm when hired. This is a great chance to sell yourself to the interviewer.

Show Off Your Experience and Abilities with Confidence

Making this extra effort to research both your own work history as well as the company with which you are interviewing allows you to answer any related questions with an extra measure of confidence. Speak clearly while using natural eye contact with the interviewer to give off a better impression. Once again, focusing on tangible achievements – both on your résumé and during the interview – helps to convince that organization to make you a job offer.

Hopefully, these few tips help you get an offer for the technology job of your dreams!

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Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.

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