In the competitive world of modern IT, hiring the industry’s top talent is one thing, but actually retaining their services over the long haul is especially important. A poor retention rate hampers companies in a myriad of ways, including a loss of efficiency, wasted training resources, as well as the cost of a new hiring process. In short, you need to do everything possible to retain your best employees.

This article takes a look at a few ideas aimed at ensuring your technology team stays inspired, engaged, and professionally satisfied. Let’s check them out.

Give Your Employees Meaningful Work

Talented technology workers need to understand their daily efforts contribute to the overall success of the company. Make it a point to reference your organization’s long term strategies when defining goals and targets for each individual staff member. Seeing how they make a positive difference helps ensure your best talent stays engaged and inspired over time.

Your Corporate Culture Matters

Company culture plays a big role in the retention of your best technology employees. Having a clear set of organizational values and communicating them to your staff develops the kind of culture that makes your firm “the place to be.” Additionally, company sponsored social and charitable events also contributes to building a work environment that’s the envy of your competitors.

Foster Teamwork Inside and Outside the Office

In this era of Agile and DevOps, collaboration is vital for technology companies. Engage your staff in teambuilding exercises by leveraging innovative organizational structures at work. At the same time, group activities outside the office help foster camaraderie among employees who don’t necessary work together during the day. These efforts also contribute to a good company culture.

Offer a Career Path to Success

It is important to give your employees a career path leading to professional success and additional responsibility. A robust training program combined with generous tuition reimbursement benefits ensures your staff continues to develop their technical and business capabilities. Make sure an individual’s career path is properly aligned with the short term goals defined by their managers.

A Flexible Work-Life Balance

Technology workers increasingly want flexibility and balance in their professional and personal lives. This includes being able to telecommute and enjoy an adjustable work schedule. Companies with these perks tend to attract and retain the best talent.

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Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.

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