How to Hire Software Developers


When your company is in the market for software development talent, taking a thoughtful and measured approach remains paramount. A well-considered hiring process brings your company the bright new employees vital for its success whether short or long term. This is arguably the most important task your organization will undertake.

To ensure a successful onboarding process and a productive new employee, it’s worth looking at your hiring strategy for software engineers. Here are six facts to consider the next time you are in the market for a developer.

Interesting Project Work Matters

A recent survey of software developers noted 85 percent felt interesting project work held more weight than salary when considering job satisfaction. It is important for your company to foster a company culture based on championing the latest in technology. Whenever there is a lot of code maintenance to be done, don’t keep the same programmers on these less glamorous projects – make sure everyone gets a chance on the innovative work.

A Flexible Telecommuting Policy

Many software engineers want to work for a company offering some form of telecommuting. In this era of ChatOps, programmers are as productive at home as in the office. A flexible work-from-home policy helps ensure you attract the best developer talent.

A Robust Benefits Package is a Must

Software developers increasingly want companies to provide a generous benefits package, including tuition reimbursement and a detailed training program. Additional perks, like an allowance to attend technology conferences and a gym membership, are also desired.

Developers want to make a Big Impact

While a small number of developers – 17 percent according to the previously referenced survey – want to work for the “Big Names” in technology, many others prefer to make a bigger impact at a smaller organization. Remember – not every worthy company is Apple, Google, or IBM. Whatever the size of your firm, take the steps to raise your organization’s profile in your region to attract great programming talent.

Java is considered “Old School” by some Software Engineers

Only nine percent of the surveyed developers recently learned Java. Typically, the language is considered boring or “corporate” by younger developers. Keep this in mind along with innovative project work when your hiring process begins. Ensuring your business stays up to date regarding the latest technology trends helps attract talented candidates. Can a few more pointers be added such as making sure business stay current with the latest technology trends.

Attracting Experienced Mobile Developers

As with many other emerging technologies, companies struggle to find experienced mobile development talent. Try searching on LinkedIn and other online sources to find programmers experienced in this area. Hiring software engineers with iOS and/or Android experience takes persistence, an innovative company culture, a flexible work schedule, and potentially a higher starting salary as well as a competitive benefits package.

Hopefully, these facts provided some insight to supercharge your organization’s next hiring process.

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Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.

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