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Millennials are often labeled as job hoppers, a statement that isn’t entirely inaccurate. A recent Gallup poll showed that 60 percent of these workers are open to new job opportunities, demonstrating that Millennials are more likely to make a switch than any generation before.

While their penchant for making a change is often discussed as a negative, that isn’t necessarily a fair representation. In fact, Millennials are more inclined to questions whether a position is actually right for them, even after receiving an offer, and does one thing that many have trouble fathoming: refusing to settle.

Some people suggest this speaks to a level of entitlement, but there are benefits to seeking out precisely the right job for you. Here’s why adopting their mentality can be beneficial to businesses and job seekers alike.

Increased Job Satisfaction

Take a moment to picture a workplace where everyone is in their ideal role. Does it look happy? Is it fraught with turnover?

Employees who are truly satisfied with the jobs tend to be happier and more engaged at work, leading to improved productivity. Additionally, those who enjoy their positions are less likely to seek out new opportunities, improving retention rates.

Millennials are willing to keep searching for a role that truly matches their needs and preferences, instead of sticking with a job they dislike, and that shouldn’t be automatically viewed as a bad thing.

Flexibility and Initiative

When a Millennial seeks out a new opportunity, they aren’t just window shopping. Often, they are prepared to act quickly should something become available that suits them better than their current position.

Generally, this speaks to some of their core personality traits which can actually be quite valuable on the job. Not only are they flexible, willing to make a change at a moment’s notice, but they also have the initiative to jump without a substantial amount of outside coaxing.

In the end, Millennials are highly adaptable, a characteristic that can benefit their employers as well as themselves. If your industry experiences frequent change, this generation may be better equipped to roll with the punches since they aren’t innately opposed to change.

Long-Term Success

While frequent job changes used to signal a personal crisis, Millennials may actually be setting themselves up for long-term success. Often, they make changes based on their needs and preferences, and aren’t as likely to stay in a position that isn’t working for them. Since they are highly aware of their situations and are willing to change directions when the need arises, they may be less prone to mid-career crises.

Additionally, it isn’t that Millennials are incapable of staying with an employer, as they will happily do so once they find the right position or company.

Ultimately, Millennials willingness to search for a right-fit job shouldn’t be seen as a negative, as it can actually benefit their employers.

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Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.


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