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Technology employees want more flexibility and a better work-life balance. This remains one of the major reasons telecommuting continues to grow in popularity, allowing workers to contribute from a home office. Contract employment is also on the upswing in IT; giving companies a measure of versatility with their staffing needs. Many employees appreciate it, as well!

Let’s take a closer look at this growing trend in the technology industry. IT might offer your own company a more efficient employment model!

Task-Focused Employment on the Rise

Some forward-looking technology organizations are moving away from a traditional project staffing structure in favor of a “piecework” model. When a new project is initiated, a company leverages a mixture of contract workers and permanent employees to complete the work. This model offers flexibility to the company, while also mitigating other issues, like the presence of a skills gap.

A mature organizational structure and proactive management help to ensure success in projects with a piecework staffing model. Gartner analyst Diane Morello echoes this point, commenting that great work depends on firms having “the basics of organizational and institutional competence.”

“It’s about whether or not companies can make this work. That’s the bigger challenge out there,” she continued. Additionally, outsourcing the portions of project work requiring a specific skill set provides the chance to complete those tasks quickly and efficiently. Performing these tasks remotely is another advantage offered by the increasingly distributed nature of the technology industry.

Is Tech Employment Becoming More Transaction Based?

One of the effects of the trend towards more contract IT work involves the employment model becoming more transaction based instead of relationship based. “The businesses we talk to who are struggling to find the right talent and the right people say they want the relationship, but when you delve into it, what they’re looking for is people who can finish work products,” said Morello.

At its essence, when a technology company needs talent for a project, they are becoming more interested in temporary contracts for the specific work in question. This allows firms to concentrate on their core competencies, while outsourcing the more esoteric tasks. It appears both companies and tech employees appreciate the additional flexibility.

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Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.

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