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The Internet of Things (IoT) remains a high-tech trend on the precipice of the mainstream. A cornucopia of internet-connected smart devices brings the potential to revolutionize daily life at home, the office, and in the factory. However, a variety of factors, including cyber security risks and a skills deficit in the IT industry, continue to hamper this nascent technology’s growth.

Is 2017 the year when the IoT truly takes off in the tech world, or will these issues conspire to hamper its adoption rate? Focusing on business applications, let’s take a closer look to see what capabilities IT professionals need to possess to make these innovations commonplace.

Tech Professionals With IoT Technical and Business Skills in Demand

A research study by Forrester looked at the organizations currently implementing IoT applications and the difficulties they encounter. Any technology innovation brings with it new network protocols, in addition to specialized hardware and software. Enterprises require employees with both the technical and business acumen to successfully implement these new systems.

“CIOs recognize that the IoT holds the promise to enhance customer relationships and help them drive business growth. However, it’s a complex undertaking that affects business strategy and nearly every role in the CIO’s organization,” commented Forrester. They also noted that cyber security is an especially important issue businesses need to consider when embracing the Internet of Things.

New Security and Networking Abilities are Required

Implementing a multitude of internet-enabled devices creates a larger footprint for cyber criminals to potentially exploit at a business. These hackers are then able to leverage access to a hacked device to launch attacks on other parts of the network infrastructure. Companies require IT security professionals with experience in protecting IoT systems.

Fresh skills are also needed for managing the new network protocols used in IoT devices, as well as the distributed architectures allowing them to transmit data to a variety of services. Speaking of data, businesses also require talented professionals able to analyze these masses of information for actionable insights.

Many of the leading equipment vendors in the space, like IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco, are now offering certification programs in IoT technology. This helps enterprises close any skills gap so they are able to take advantage of what the Internet of Things brings to the business world.

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Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.


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