Six Hiring Trends You Need to be Aware Of


Managing the staffing needs for any technical organization requires close attention to an ever-changing industry. New technologies seem to arrive on a monthly basis, requiring your HR team to stay abreast of the latest buzzwords and jargon. Understanding the evolving needs of the modern IT workforce – especially talent from the millennial generation – is another necessity.

Here is a look at six different hiring trends affecting the technology industry over 2017 and beyond. Consider their impact before formulating your staffing plans for the next twelve months.

Fewer Full-Time Jobs

With 2017 comes a decrease in full-time jobs, a trend noted by John Fugazzie, workforce director for Hudson County, New Jersey. “For starters, M&A activity will remain strong, eliminating many mid-level jobs for tech pros,” commented Fugazzie. Work with a talented staffing agency to find quality candidates interested in temporary contract positions.

Trust Referrals From Your Current Employees

Referred candidates tend to perform better when on the job compared to other sources of talent. Reach out to your technology staff for résumés from their colleagues. Providing a great company culture also helps you get more referrals.

Be Transparent to Get the Top Candidates

The best technology candidates want more upfront information from potential employers about project work, the office environment and more. This added transparency helps keep your hiring process fast and efficient, without time wasted interviewing those who are poor fits.

Hiring Managers Improve Candidate Screening

Speaking of a better hiring process, giving your hiring managers the right technical knowledge and tools to screen candidates more completely ensures you concentrate on interviewing only those with the best chance of becoming a valuable employee.

Tech Professionals With Security Skills are in Demand

Expect the battle for the most talented cybersecurity pros to be fierce. Go the extra mile to retain your current employees with IT security experience. Additionally, consider sweetening your compensation package when looking to hire candidates for these roles.

Improve the Candidate Experience

Keeping your candidates up to date throughout the hiring process is important. Word about a lack of contact or untimely updates definitely gets around, potentially causing an adverse impact on future hiring efforts. Once again, transparency and a positive attitude are vital aspects of becoming a company where everyone wants to work.

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Written by Tim Booker, President and CEO of MindFinders, with over 20 years of industry experience.


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